The Beginning of Last Boks®

“I bought my pickup truck a couple of years ago. I really enjoy the ride and the look of my truck, but got very frustrated when my stuff didn’t stay in the back of my truck bed where I had left it.  I use my truck as many other truck owners, as a passenger vehicle and rarely use more than the back 1/3 of my truck bed. So I searched around only to find there was no good solution for this problem. 

So I decided to solve it, I bought some flat sheets of plastic and some angle brackets, and started to construct the first Last Boks®. I used that new “FrankenBoks”, and found it to be very helpful. It was great to see my golf clubs, groceries or anything else I put in it, stayed right where I had put them. It worked so well I decided to put some finishing touches on it, so I worked with a local American Made Plastics Forming Company and designed the Last Boks® you see today. I hope this will help resolve this long time problem, I know it has for me.” Floyd Davis, Founder

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"Finally! What took so long?"

Last Boks® is a lightweight but sturdy waterproof plastic cargo box that fits between your tailgate and wheel wells. Last Boks® acts like a large utility drawer pulling through the gate opening and onto your gate for easy loading and unloading. It keeps your cargo safe and secure and always in reach. Last Boks® protects your vehicle as well as your cargo. Last Boks® comes in three sizes and will fit most all trucks.

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