Last Boks The #1 Truck Bed Storage Box

Secure your cargo, protect your truck bed, and keep things in reach with the innovative Last Boks cargo box.


Made in the USA and constructed of high molecular weight polyethylene with a skid resistant cap. Lightweight and durable, this truck bed organizer only weighs 20lbs. Last Boks is water resistant and waterproof to protect your truck bed from spills, or messy cargo. If something happens, simply hose it off and your Last Boks is good as new.

Last Boks Truck Bed Storage

This is the perfect truck bed accessory to help you transport personal items. Use it to transport tools, groceries, golf clubs, gas cans, plants, flowers, and more. Last Boks mid-size truck bed organizer is 52” wide x 23” deep x 11” high and weighs 17 lbs. LastBoks cargo box should never be used in an open truck bed. A tonneau cover or truck cap is required to operate safely.


Thermoformed from a single sheet polyetylene. Lask Boks doesn't have any weak seams or welds.


Weighting only 12 pounds for mid size and 14 pounds for full. Last Boks is easy take in and out of your truck.

American Made

Made in the USA


Last Boks® is a Thermoformed Cargo Box made from one solid sheet of High Molecular Weight Polyethylene with a Skid Resistant Cap. This process gives Last Boks® a water-tight advantage to keep everything in the box and away from your vehicle. It's lightweight but sturdy and easy to handle.

What our customers say


“Great Purchase! Bought a Last Boks®to help with groceries when I have the truck full of kids..... works amazing, keeps everything in place and easily accessible. My husband also realized that it works perfect for transporting his golf clubs safely!!”

Ashley A.
5 Star Amazon Review

"Purchased this last week and it's amazing. I was tired of my golf clubs flying around the bed of my Tacoma and this solved the problem instantly. It's also going to be great for when I go grocery shopping. A must-have if you're a truck owner. On a side-note, installation took literally less than a minute."

5 Star Amazon Review

"Love this product..been looking for something like this for years..."A must buy" works great.and easy to take in and out."

Phillip B.
5 Star Amazon Review