Four Common Truck Storage Problems

Even if your truck is built to withstand tough drives, your truck bed might not be up to the task. Yep, truck beds can have major storage problems, which you’re probably quick to notice — overflowing cargo beds, or beds so sticky and gross that you wouldn’t even put your work boots in there.

Last Boks is a truck bed organizer that we built specifically for tackling spills, organizing messy truck beds, and hauling everything you need. Here are four of the most common problems we solve. Interested in learning more about our truck bed organizers? Shop now!


Spills and Leaks

We all know somebody who had a bottle of soda or can of beer explode in the back of their truck. Don’t let that somebody be you! Make sure you always use a spill-proof truck bed organizer, so you can contain any accidents, and clean your vehicle with ease.

shiny truck bed

Messy Truck Beds

We’ve all seen them on the road: truck beds that look like junkyards. A messy truck bed means you’re not going to be able to find what you need in any sort of expedient manner. It also means potential damage to your cargo. If you’ve got your junk sliding around and crashing together in the back of your truck, there’s a chance something could break.

lots of boxes in back of truck

Unorganized Truck Beds

Unorganized truck beds are a whole different story. Sure, your cargo bed might function and haul everything you need, but at the end of the day it’s going to take everything you’ve got to find what you’re looking for, or even clean and organize your cargo in the first place!

back of pickup truck

Truck Beds that Don’t Actually Hold Cargo

You’d be surprised at how many truck bed organizers don’t actually hold cargo. The Last Boks, however, is built to securely haul even your most delicate items, all while providing enough expansive storage space for you to pack it full.

Don’t let something as simple as a truck bed stop you from doing your job. Learn more about Last Boks’ truck bed organization system, and shop now!


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